5 Creative ways to write a Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are one of the easiest ways to monetize the blog. For a week, I receive a quite good number of sponsored posts. However, I always care quality over quantity. I know Food Corner readers do not want to see product reviews every day. This is a blog mainly for Food and some kitchen related posts. For a change, I sometimes write a post about blog tips. But still I care about readers. Even today, I checked the date of my previous  post on blog tips. It is about how to find sponsors from Sverve network and about one month ago. So, I hope it is fair and not disturbed to the readers if I write another post today.

Now,  back to the topic. How to manage the quantity of Product reviews and sponsored posts in the blog without disturbing the readers and also by giving the maximum exposure to the product? One method is charging higher and rejecting those irrelevant reviews. I do both. Other than that, be creative with the post and deliver the review in a natural way. Actually, a brand selects our blog to promote their product for a purpose. They want their product to get more exposure together with more sales or whatever their aim is. So, if we just write a post and nobody reads or no more shares, comments, that won’t be fair to the sponsor. Remember, we receive a compensation for promoting the brand either as a product sample or as money.
After few sponsored posts, I came up with few different ways to promote a product in Food Corner. Here are some of them as came into my mind.
Write a review with actual experience
Writing a review is not more creative if it is just another post saying this is good, so please buy. Instead, write your actual review with own photos. A review post with actual product and its usage is more beneficial for any one.Sponsor will be happy with your posts and they will contact you even for another post.
Write a tutorial
Writing a tutorial using the product you promote is a great idea. In this way, the brand/product gets more exposure including social media sharing. Recently I shared a post about creating an eBook. Even I could share it with linky parties because that is not a direct product review post. But indirectly, I am promoting a product .Do you know; even this post was featured on  Pink Recipe Box Link party!
Create a Video
Videos are a really great way to share experience of a product. Actually, still I am not into this method. I am not very good on creating a quality video, but I watch video reviews when I want to check reviews of any product. With intention of creating videos for my future reviews ,I am in search for different videos shared by products .I found the introduction of this videois a creative way of promoting a product. Anyway,have a look, this video is about making perfect pizza at home.
Create a recipe/DIY project
This is somewhat similar to the above topic of creating a tutorial. But creating a project/recipe is not easy as it is not something mentioned in product website or with product info. We have to think and create the recipe/project. I shared a recipe for iced lemon tea using Ceylon Black tea samples I received. It was a great hit than sharing a direct review post about black tea. Even the sponsor is happy with it and another sample pack is on the way to promote. On the other hand, I believe I did not disturb the quality of Food Corner with frequent product reviews as this post looks more natural.
Create a list
This is one of the creative ways to promote a product within blog posts. Check this post I shared during the holiday season. It was perfectly match with the holiday season and was pinned for number of boards giving much exposure to the product site.
Other than above, some of other ways include,
-hosting a giveaway or a contest (check the Teavivre giveaway & Craftsy Class Giveaway happening right now on Food Corner)
-share a discount or a coupon of the product-Most people look for discounts when they want to buy a product
I shared few of my tips I use to promote a brand. Now I would like to know some more ideas from you. I know most bloggers involve in product promotions. If there are other methods or tips, please share them in comments section.

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