If you visit Armenia, the best way to explore the country is through its food. Armenian cuisine is fantastic and belongs to Caucasian cuisines with some similarities. It also has strong relationships to Turkish cuisine, Georgian cuisine, Persian cuisine, and Levantine cuisine.

Armenian cuisine is rich with different flavors and usually fresh herbs are used widely. Although fresh herbs are used for getting rich flavor, dried herbs are used in the winter season. Usually Armenian Food is not too spicy, but it is rich with flavors of herbs and different spices together with high amount of fat. Since food is extremely inexpensive, travelers are able to try different type of food easily during their stay in Armenia.
Although the best Armenian food you can find are from a traditional Armenian kitchen, not all travelers are lucky to try Armenian home cooked food. Don’t worry. There are lots of restaurants which you are able to try Armenian food during your stay in Armenia.
Below are some food items I listed as must try Armenian food, if you visit Armenia.

Dolma is a roll. Usually minced meat or a sweet filling is used as a filling and wrapped in cabbage leaves, grape leaves or chard leaves .If meat is used as a filling, minced meat are mixed with onion and spices to make it flavorful. Once the rolls are prepared, usually these are cooked in large clay pots and it is considered that slow boiling is the best cooking technique to get most delicious Dolma.

Fasulye is a stew made with green beans and tomato broth with some other spices and ingredients. Usually green beans are cooked in oil together with tomato and simmer till the gravy becomes thick and flavorful. Traditionally Fasulye served cold, but you can try it as a warm dish too.
Khash is one of the most festive ceremonial dishes of Armenia which is eaten mostly in the cold season. Khash is popular as a delicious healthy soup which traditionally Armenians eat khash in the early morning before or with breakfast.
Usually Khash is eaten with lavash bread which is crumbled into the broth. Salt is not used at the time of cooking Khash. But after the dish is served, salt and garlic is added to season it well. Khash is a party dish, so don’t eat it alone!

Your food tour in Armenia will never complete if you do not give a try to Lavash. Lavash is a traditional flatbread of Armenia which is soft and thin.

Even sometimes this flatbread is referred to as Armenian lavash and made in a tandoor (tonir as called in Armenian). As mentioned above, Khash is also served with Lavash in any festival. Try this flatbread during your stay to have an idea about what Armenian cuisine is like.
Now, if you look for s sweet treat, Gata is for you .This multi layered cake which is filled with melted butter and sugar gives a delicate flavor for anyone who loves sweet treats.
Above are just few dishes from Armenian cuisine. If you want to explore Armenian Cuisine, there are lots of foods to try. The best way to experience Armenia is to get the help of someone who knows Armenia and its traditions very well. Have a look into http://araratour.com/, they offer information about Armenia including travel tips. Even they offer tour packages to Armenia which will be helpful for you if you look for a holiday in Armenia. Have a look and get some idea for your next vacation!
Have you been to Armenia? If so, what was your favorite food item there? Please share your experience with us.