Cuba is famous for its stunning beaches. Aside from its beautiful sandy beaches, it is a paradise for those who look for a haven to escape from the city life. This beautiful island, which is one of the largest Caribbean islands, also offers their tourists an unforgettable experience with their rich culture & heritage. A holiday to Cuba is not complete without experiencing and exploring Cuban food which is influenced by different cultures.
I was looking for a beautiful travel destination and came across to read and see photos of this beautiful island and of course, the food varieties they offer. Who doesn’t like to spend luxury holidays in such a stunning island while exploring its food? So, I thought of sharing some information about the Cuban food they have to offer which any traveller can explore the rich heritage while experiencing their food. 
If you are not sure what it includes in Cuban food, below are some of the information I gathered. 
Cuba has a rich cultural heritage and its food is influenced by different cultures. In addition to the influence of the native peoples of Cuba, Cuban cuisine is influenced by cuisine and cultures of Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese. A combination of different traditions has contributed in many ways to this distinct and delicious cuisine.
Traditional Cuban Cuisine is mainly peasant cuisine which doesn’t pay attention for exact measurement or order of cooking. Their cooking is basically done by verbal tradition which hands down by generation to generation.Rather than relying on specific measurements and cooking methodology they use their experience to use ingredients keeping an eye on the outcome.
Usually Cuban dishes are slow cooked and left to simmer. Fussy, heavy sauces are unusual in this simple and hearty cuisine where deep-frying is not a favored cooking method. 
The most common spices and herbs used in Cuban cuisine are garlic, cumin, oregano and bay leaves. Most of the dishes are cooked of a base of tomato sauce and they also use much of seafood in their cooking.
Meats are often cooked using island flavored marinades where Beans and rice are an essential part of most Cuban meals. Most of the meals consist of black beans which are well known as a Cuban specialty. Cuban cuisine also consists of baked goods and Flan is among Cuba’s most beloved dessert items.
For Anyone who plan for a Cuban holiday, below are some dishes which I found unique for this beautiful country.
Tocinillo del Cielo
Tocinillo de Cielo is one of the most popular Cuban desserts. It is a type of flan. But a flan is made with whole eggs, and milk or cream. Tocino de cielo is made only with egg yolks, sugar and water. However the appearance of these both desserts is same.
Arroz con Pollo
You will definitely arouse your taste buds at the first sight of this dish. Arroz con Pollo is a chicken and rice dish which is popular throughout Latin America. Basically this dish is cooked with rice, chicken, vegetables, herbs and saffron. It looks appealing and inviting. It is bit similar to Paella, but in Cuba, they cook this with some slight variation. This Cuban delicacy is bit spicy as it includes garlic and tomato. But spicy means, it is not too spicy until you feel hot in your mouth.
Moros y Cristianos
If you like to eat rice, definitely this will be another favourite for you. Black beans and rice is a common dish in Cuba and the basis of this recipe is black beans (the Moors) and white rice (the Christians).Therefore in Cuba,it is known as “Moros y Cristianos.”
Cuban sandwiches
A Cuban sandwich is a variation of a ham and cheese which makes a wonderful lunch food for anyone. These sandwiches were popular in the 1930s with sugar cane workers. Typically these irresistible sandwiches contain roast pork, ham, dill pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard. the sandwich is made with Cuban bread and usually is lightly toasted. Once you have this, you’ll definitely crave for them because of its taste.
If you look for a quick snack try Pinchos which are similar to kebabs. These filling snacks will sure satisfy you with its irresistible taste.Who doesn’t like to taste kebabs!
If you are a foodie and a travel enthusiast, I hope above details will help you to plan a holiday in Cuba mainly focused on the food as a way of exploring its rich heritage and culture.
Please share your experience if you have been to Cuba. If so, how was your holiday in Cuba?
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