Finally he removed all posts copied from my posts & commented in my facebook page saying he removed.

Thanks a lot friends.If you all not gathered here,he will never remove them.- 09/12/2011

Dear friends,

Here is a quick mention, please be careful with this blog.
He has copy pasted my recipes (word to word) & now it has become his property.
I asked him to remove them on Monday & also on Tuesday.
Instead he has removed my comments & has banned me commenting in his facebook page…

Yesterday I sent him a message through facebook as the final chance before publishing this post.He didn’t reply to it or remove my content. Instead keep posting in this Food Group which I am the admin. 

That means he knows what he does is wrong…..

Here are his posts,

Here are my original posts,

I like when anybody share my posts, we do that in recipe roundups or via facebook pages.

 But not as our property. We always mention or back link to the page owner. That is a good etiquette.

 Still my writings are mine…. I don’t like his reaction of continuing ‘copy blogging’ after I mentioned his mistake.

Just mentioned to all of you to be careful….