This week theme for bento at Bento Network is ‘Angry Birds’.
I was not sure how to make them as they have many details to show. 🙂
When I searched online, I saw many ‘Angry Birds’ bento, and they were really beautiful. But I knew I cannot make them with such details. They are really looking like ‘Angry Birds’ & I loved all those posts.
Anyway finally I could decide on my own ‘Angry Birds’ bento & I could do it within 10 minutes.
I am not sure whether they look as angry birds. Specially red angry bird is too round in shape.

For the red angry bird– Water melon cut as a round, grapes & carrot strips, piece of cabbage
White angry bird (round face) – Half of a hardboiled egg, grapes & carrot strips
Triangular face angry bird– A cheese wedge with carrot & grapes slices
To complete this meal, some plain rice & grapes were added
What do you think? Do they look like angry birds? 🙂

This recipe was featured at Very Good Recipes as best bento
Screen capture as of 08/10/2012

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