This biscuit fingers pudding is easy to prepare. However it will take about 6 hours to prepare this.
I found this recipe from a book & this is another yummy recipe from it.The name of the book is ‘Pudding Cake’ published by ‘One Publisher’ (A Publisher from Malaysia)
Because the recipe is with using cocoa powder, it is full of chocolate taste together with the taste of biscuit. 
Ingredients (enough to fill 2-3 small glasses)
Ingredient A
Unflavoured gelatin 4 tbspn (check your package details too for amount need )
Hot water 2 cups
1 tbspn dark cocoa powder
120g sugar
Ingredient B
Biscuit fingers 10- 15 numbers
2-3 small glasses as moulds
Mix ingredient A together adding hot water slowly. Whisk using a fork to avoid lumps. Bring it to boil.
Pour this mixture into glasses, but make glasses to fill half.
Allow to cool & keep in fridge to set completely.
This will take about 2-3 hours to set completely. Remember to shake the remaining mixture time to time for not to allow setting.
After it is set almost, take out & insert biscuit fingers. Insert more fingers if you like, I used 5 fingers per glass.
Now fill the glasses with remaining mixture.
Keep the glasses inside the fridge & allow setting. This will take another 2-3 hours.
Once it is set, remove to a plate. Using a flat spatula, remove the pudding from the sides of the glasses. Then it is easy to remove.
Cut into slices.
 Serve & Enjoy!!

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