Tips for Cheap Food on Holiday

Holiday is for letting it all hang out, treating yourself and family to things you don’t get to enjoy every day.  Splurging on fancy meals and fun cocktails is part of the vacation landscape, so it should not be sacrificed lightly. Readies is a great source for a little extra spending money, but the fact of the matter is:  Food is expensive, representing one of the most significant costs on holiday.  When cash is flowing, go ahead and live the high life, but if times are tight don’t be afraid to rein in holiday food and beverage spending – you can still have great holiday meals, without breaking the bank.

Eat Like a Local

Tourist spending is an important part of many economies, supporting restaurants, cafes, and fine dining establishments aimed directly at visitors.  Not always, but occasionally, tourist traps are priced too high, and don’t provide significant dining values for your traveling family.  Instead of falling prey to so-so cuisine, at higher than average prices, seek out local meals that residents eat.
Local eateries are off the beaten path, so you may not stumble upon great local food without help from those in the know.  Your hotel or travel; service is a good starting point, providing first-hand feedback about nearby eateries.
In addition to brick and mortar restaurants, some localities enjoy delicious downscale street food, which reflects a variety of culinary traditions.  Not only do the transient outposts provide cheap eats, but they are convenient for travelers on the go, who also enjoy the small portable portion sizes. Trucks are also gaining popularity as food venues, supplying diverse cuisine to areas busy with pedestrian traffic.
Fish and chips and other quick bites are perfect compliments to the sights and sounds of holiday fun, furnishing food at a moment’s notice, for distracted travelers blindsided by hunger.


Pack a Lunch

Traveling presents wild cards, never allowing us to get too comfortable with standard arrangements.  Access to food, for example, is never certain; so the only way to positively prepare is to bring some food along with you, when you travel.
Chancing it is too risky, especially with kids in tow, so don’t leave yourself at the mercy of travel providers. Airports especially are horrible food sources, with inflated prices and almost nothing healthy available for purchase.  And when food is available, it is priced beyond affordability for families with several hungry mouths to feed.
To save on food while traveling, eat before you leave home; of course, and bring snacks, energy bars, sandwiches, whole fruit, and whatever tasty treats you can carry comfortably.  Check airport regulations before you load up to fly, so all your food makes it through security checkpoints.  Beverages must be purchased after screenings have been conducted.


Breakfast Deals

Reasonably priced breakfast is available in most localities, provided you are able to locate the best options.  Hotel restaurants, on the other hand, serve expensive gourmet dinners at night, so their breakfast options do not always present the best value for feeding the family.  Unless you are included in a lodging package that comes with a complimentary continental breakfast, steer clear of hotel dining rooms in favor of local cafes and breakfast joints.
Regional bakeries specialize in local delicacies and traditional ethnic products.  To take-in some local flavor, saving money at the same time, sample baked goods and coffee from regional producers near your accommodations.  If continental breakfast is offered at your hotel, use it to feed the family, devoting saved money to dinner buys instead.
Depending on the nature of your trip, use your motel kitchenette to prepare breakfast yourself, furnishing a low-budget meal to start the day.  And don’t overlook discount lunch buffets, which have something for each family member to enjoy – often providing free lunch specials for kids.

How do you plan your holidays?Any other tips to share with us?Please share your thoughts.