In Sri Lanka we have traditional sweets; Milk toffee, coconut toffee & Potato toffee are among them. Anyway this coconut toffee recipe is not almost according to the traditional recipe. This is with some changes to the original.
Normally coconut toffees are cut into pieces, but I made it as balls, just for a change in appearance. But this can be prepared as pieces too.
Here is the recipe

 Ingredients (yield about 10 pieces)
200g condense milk (or half of a standard size tin)
100g grated fresh coconut
35g sugar
50 g cashew nuts in small pieces
1 tsp butter
1 cardamom crushed
Food colouring (I used some orange colour)

In a bowl, mix coconut & sugar together.

Then add condensed milk to this,and mix all

Next is, add a drop of food colouring & crushed cardamom. Mix together
Pour this to a pan, and make it boil in medium flame.
Allow it to become thick, stir the mix to prevent the bottom get roasted or stick in to the pan
When the mix is getting golden brown & thicker, add cashew nuts & butter.Mix well.
Meanwhile, prepare a baking dish by applying some butter to its sides & bottom.
Once the mix is thick & colour is becoming golden, pour it to the baking dish.
Using a wet cloth, press the mix & level it.
Cut it into pieces after about 5-6 minutes.
Or you can make it into balls as I did.

Coconut toffee is ready to serve.