It is holiday season,and most favourite and enjoyable season of the year!
Mostly this is the time of the year, that  there are probably a lot of gifts on your list.

If you run your own business (even if it’s just you and your blog), you have even more gifts to give like gifts for clients, business partners, vendors, and customers. That gets expensive.
An ecard is a popular choice among us, but let’s be honest,it’s not much of a gift.
Instead of a greetings card,how about giving an ebook for something truly memorable (and it is economical too). What comes into my mind is a recipe book using the most popular posts of the blog.However an ebook gift can be made using own writing, images,designs, a selection of  favorite blog posts
Blurb’s ebooks run right on the iPad or in the iBooks app that’s part of Mac OS X Mavericks. For the Apple-free folks on your receiving list, you can create an Instant PDF that’s readable on pretty much every device.
Creating an ebook with Blurb is really easy.Blurb’s fixed-format ebooks can include text, imagery, links, audio, and video. So you could even include a little office Christmas caroling as an added bonus. Or not; that depends on your singing voice. But a link to your website? That’s a no-brainer.

The steps are really simple to create an ebook with Blurb.
1) Get start by clicking here
Then choose a book size.

 2)Choose a Book Style

3)Upload pictures

 4) Design the front and back covers

5)Arrange inside pages.It is realy easy as you will see the instructions after finishing one step.

Below is one of the pages of my book I started.Is it beautiful & attractive?I feel that my Food Photographs got more value in this book.I really enjoyed arranging the pages of this book.

These E books are extremely inexpensive. For just $9.99 you can create an ebook of any size and then give away as many copies as you like simply by sending the download link to your customers, clients, and friends. The Instant PDF is just $4.99 to create.

And for those really special clients, you can still make a gift they can physically open,that is a printed book!
So, why not get started?
Also dont forget to use this offer.
 Save 25% on print book purchases of $50 or more

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