With the festive season behind us, many party goers may still be debating who attended the best New Year’s celebration and what made it so special. It’s a safe bet that the discussion will include drinks that were served. Generally, quality and exclusivity will score the most points, so the following drinks may feature.

1. Cristal champagne immediately lends status to any occasion where it is served.  Having initially been created for Alexander II of Russia, it’s commercial production in 1945 was enthusiastically welcomed by the upper echelons of society where it became widely regarded as the champagne of kings. Today, the quality associated with this brand remains a means to impress.

Fanciest drinks on the market

2. When it comes to cocktails, the Cubans seem to have conquered all resistance in the UK with their deliciously refreshing Mojito.  Consisting of white rum, caster sugar, a splash of soda water, lime wedges and mint leaves presented on a bed of crushed ice, this drink is guaranteed to replenish energies and refresh the taste buds.

3. While, like so many Brits, the Duchess of Cornwall has a taste for a good ol’ G & T, the queen’s favourite pre-lunchtime tipple is royally more appropriate. She demands 1 part of gin be combined with 2 parts of the French fortified wine, Dubonnet, poured over precisely 2 blocks of ice and garnished with a twist of lemon thank you ever so.

4. No top drinks list would be accepted as such by the British public if it did not include a pint and, if anyone can add a touch of class to this number one staple, then it is Prince Phillip himself. Word has it that he enjoys chugging down a pint or two of his favourite, Boddingtons.

5. Staying with the royals, but returning to the more regal drinkers among them, Prince William, very aptly, once enjoyed the Treasure Chest cocktail presented by the Mahiki nightclub, which combined brandy with a peach liqueur and topped it off with a very reputable bottle of champagne.

6. Gin has officially been crowned Britain’s favourite drink in 2017 and the market is saturated with a fascinating parade of brands. From a blackcurrant infusion to the ‘Sacred Gin’ produced by a mad scientist in north London, the possibilities for being creative with cocktails should inspire any would-be favourite party host.

7. Along with whisky, gin features strongly among the most popular drinks in the world. However, the Piňa Colada always elbows its way into the line-up of favourites. Who doesn’t love the song as much as this mixture of white rum, coconut and pineapple juice.

There is no limit to what can be achieved when imagination and a little artistic flair team up with reputable distillers to satisfy thirst with a spectacular burst of flavour and freshness. Top brands are available at most large liquor outlets, or from the mad scientist himself if you fancy fin and a trip to north London.