Food is precious. We need to respect the blessing we have received to our life. Reducing food wastage can be started from our pantry. Here are few tips I use in my pantry. Hope you have your own tips. But I thought of sharing my tips & methods here.
1.    Plan your grocery list. Don’t buy unwantedly. This is a way of reducing wastage & also saving some money.
2.    Cook with measurements. We always know our family requirements. So we can adapt this to our everyday cooking. If we don’t cook more, there cannot be more leftover.
3.    Use leftover food in a new recipe.(We will be sharing some leftover recipes in our event roundup)
4.    If you have leftover uncooked veggies in a small quantity at the end of week, soups, salads or fried rice are best & easy alternatives to use them in a meal.
5.    All the leftover fruits can be used in a smoothie or a drink.
6.    Try to use preserving methods.
7.    Try to use all part of fruits & veggies in different recipes. Today I saw a recipe of cooking Raw Plantain peels as a stir fry. Stems of cabbage & broccoli can be used in a soup. They will add some taste & nutrient value to the dish.There may have lots of similar recipe ideas with you all. Blogging about those recipes is a way to spread the word.
8.    Store vegetables & fruits in the fridge in a proper way.
9.    If you have any uncooked vegetables at the end of the week & if you feel that they are going to waste, here is the method I use to keep it few more days.
Wash & slice them roughly.
Allow to dry on a table. Use some papers or tissues so that it will absorb the wetness.
After they are dried, pack them into freezer bags or air tight containers & keep in the freezer
10. There are several tips & methods to reduce food wastage. Try to collect them & share with others too. Finally, if you really cannot reuse some of leftover food, the best is try to compose it

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If we don’t waste food,it is a way to save some money,so I like to link this tips with  Sweet Stella’s Money Saving Appns

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