Cashew Tree

Whenever we visit Sri Lanka, I enjoy my time in the home garden. Not only flowers, there are some vegetables and fruits are there and we are lucky to enjoy some fresh fruits and vegetables during our stay there.

During our recent visit we travelled to southern part of Sri Lanka and here are some captures of the vegetables and fruits grown in one of my aunt’s home. Hope you’ll enjoy these glimpse of a Sri Lankan Home garden.

In front of the house, it was a passion fruit vine. We tasted passion fruit drinks and I spent some time plucking the fruits.

Interestingly I could capture these green gram plants.(mung beans) and next to these plants were some spring onion plants.

Here is a capture of a banana plant. We call this type as ‘Ash Plantain’ and usually eat raw banana in a curry or similar dish. Although there were many other banana plants found here and there, I captured this one.

 Below are some other plants and trees I noticed there.

Bilimbi (Biling)
Chilli Pepper (Kochchi Miris)

A Cinnamon plant

A Coffee Plant
Ginger Plants

Do you know what this vine is? It is Spiny Gourd, we call it as Thumba Karavila/Thumba Kariwila in Sri Lanka and I’ve shared some recipes using Thumba Karavila before.

Spiny Gourd (Thumba Karavila/Thumba Kariwila)

Spiny Gourd Vines (Thumba Karavila/Thumba Kariwila)


Ridge Gourd (Watakolu)

Although there are lots of other pictures, I think it is better to share those in another post. We enjoyed our time there and also could pluck some fruits and vegetables too.

How was your week? I’d like to see your favourite photo story this week.
Of course,I love to hear your comments too. 🙂
Have a Fantastic Week!