Honey Lime Tea
Honey Lime Tea


Few weeks ago I was down with flu and cough.I couldn’t bear it.When I went to the doctor,her advice was try to recover naturally without medicine as I am pregnant.Thats good not to take pills unwantedly.(anyway she advised me to visit her if I am not recovering) First I tried Ginger and Corriander Tea which we commonly use in Sri Lanka as a herbal remedy for common cold.
But I was tired with continuous coughing.

I heard about this honey lime tea from a friend and tried it as there is no harm of trying honey and lime together.This is a simple tea recipe which is used as a remedy for sore throat or cough.Really it was helpful to sooth my throat while I had bad coughing.ย 

I guess it can be served as a cold summer drink by cooling and adding some ice over it.But as a remedy for cough,use it as a hot drink.Sip warm honey lime tea slowly. It will sooth the throat.


Home Remedy for cough-Honey lime tea

Honey Lime Tea

Ingredients (for 1 tea)

1 cup hot water

2-3 tsp. ย Honey

4-6 tablespoons lime juice


In a tea cup, mix honey with hot water. Add lime juice and stir well.

It is ready to serve.

Home Remedy for sore throat-Honey lime tea

Please leave me a comment if you try this recipe.Do you have any other herbal remedies to share?