Whether you like it or not, cooking needs to be done. If it’s not something you look forward to doing, maybe we can help.

A big complaint about cooking is how time-consuming it can be. You have to prep all the ingredients, wait for everything to cook and clean it all up at the end. You can spend an hour making something that will be gone in five minutes!

But with a few simple kitchen hacks, you’ll be whipping something up with little time spent.

How to be Efficient in the Kitchen

Dress for Success

Dressing up may sound silly, but it can be beneficial. There are many benefits of preparing yourself before you begin cooking. Specific clothing help protect and keep you clean from food splatter that could be hot.

Browse through Chef Works’ apron selection to see what is all available. Wearing something like one of those aprons will not only keep you clean and feeling like a celebrity chef, they have pockets you can carry things in for when you’re on the go.

Keep the Kitchen Organized

If you’re bouncing from one cupboard to the next, you might want to think about reorganizing the kitchen. You can waste a lot of time rummaging through everything just to find the right measuring cup.

Dived your kitchen into sections. Make one area for preparing that houses all your knives and cutting boards. Next, have an area meant specifically for cooking. Whatever you use most during the cooking process, keep on hand. Then keep your cleaning supplies in one area nearby for the end.

Have a Garbage Bowl at Hand

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but having a bowl on the counter specifically for food scraps can save you time. How often do you open and close the garbage, or have to pick pieces off the floor from when you didn’t nail the shot like you said you would?

Instead, have a bowl by your prepping station where you can throw the chunks of scraps you won’t be using – peels and vegetable ends for example. Then at the end, dump the bowl into the garbage or compost and all done!

Invest in Good Quality Cookware

Although cookware at a bargain shop might fit the budget better, they don’t always last or work as well as a brand name one. Buying good quality tools will save you time – and money down the road. They tend to be easier to use, work efficiently and last you for years and years to come.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that you won’t be the most efficient chef right off the bat. It will take time so don’t stress. The more you cook at home and practice these tips the faster (and better) cook you will become.

These tips are a starting point to get the ball rolling. Once you are comfortable in your kitchen, you’ll start to develop more skills that will allow you to cook even faster. Spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the food with your family.