How To Get Traffic To A New Blog
A large number of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging only in light of the fact that they don’t see any traffic from their blog(s). Indeed who have begun their blogging profession long time back don’t see much improvisation in their traffic.
Want to know the reason behind it.
Since they don’t take few tips which must be taken after to Get Traffic to A New Blog . 😉

How to Get Traffic to A New Blog?
Despite the fact that there are many ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog, the most important factor is NETWORK. More the network you have more the traffic you will have.
The most easy way to build network for your blog is: to start interacting with fellow blogger & join their community(s)using
Why I’m saying just these two destinations on the grounds that, because it’s easy to spread your world and you can follow other blogger easily using this social media platform also & learn from their experience.
Follow this simple step by step guide to bring traffic to your new blog.
1) Blog Comments
Comment on most active any top blogs in your niche (category) try to be in top commenters to generate more leads or traffic.
Tips: Subscribe to their RSS feeds.
Don’t spam their blog by writing comment that does not serve any purpose. Add value to your comments and try to write comment of atleast 100 words.
This is best way to go if you want to get daily traffic.
Now you may be wondering that how to find the blogs which are in your niche?
So here is simple trick I can show you
Type “your niche + blog” in to know which blog are there in your niche.
Example here is – “Food recipe+blog”
2) Video Marketing
Create a 2-3 minute video clip and add your blog link at the starting or ending of video.
Submit the same to YouTube, metacafe or Vimeo etc.
You can Use Screenr or any other tool to create free videos.
3) Write detailed article
Never assume that you can earn without doing any effort.
Try to engage visitor to your site by writing a great and detailed content.
I know this is not time consuming task but this is main keys to your success. Content is king & if you want to more reader use implementing this technique.
Usually we are writing blog post of 400-500 right!!!
So what’s new in that every blogger is doing the same.
Make your blog different from other try to write details article of 1000+ words.
If you don’t have more time to spend on your blog at least try to write 2-3 detail article in a month.
According to Google guidelines articles with 1000+ words index on top searches.
4) Build a Network
Facebook : This is the place where you can promote yourself.
You can join groups with are related to your niche and I know you will find active groups on Facebook regarding every niche.
So your half problem is get solved here.
In starting you will not be much comfortable like me but when you start sharing other content also they will do the same. This is most easy way to get much & genuine traffic to your blog.
Even I am getting most of my traffic from social media interaction only.
Twitter :  This platform is bit professional but most effective.
You can follow the top blogger in your niche & follow their follower in same field. This way you will start getting follower once you people out there start recognizing you.
Then you can share your content among them & if they find the same is interesting they will retweet it & you can get traffic you are imagining for long. 😀
5) Never forgot SEO
Those who don’t know what SEO is here is brief info:
SEO means “Search engine optimization” by doing this you are pleasing the search engine to index your page on top.
SEO can be on-page or off-page.
Many of us forgot SEO while writing any post. But if you are thinking it does not make any difference.
Then wait my friend you are “WRONG”
SEO is most important while writing any post.
When you are writing any post focus on the keyword of your article any try to be use that keyword in your article.
But don’t stuff more keyword in whole article that it look like poky.
Then how much keyword density we must have to maintain in our articles?
Always remember to have keyword density of 3-5% in your article. If you will put more than this Google will easily comes to know that you just want to get index rater caring about reader.
My final words
Don’t hesitate in sharing or tweeting the content of your fellow blogger before asking them to share your. This way they will share your content to their audience if they find it relevant.
Focus on building the network. Blogging is part of society. So you cannot work in isolation. You have to interact with society to help them and also for your growth.
Have I missed any thing in this post to get traffic on new blog. Take action by commenting below.

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