While Blogging is a perfect way to share thoughts with others and also as a hobby, it is important to pay attention on having a quality blog where people want to read again and again. Even if you are a hobby blogger it is better to pay attention for the things to make your blog an interesting place where your readers can get some quality information. Among the important factors for any blog, page views also play an important role.

Basically page views give the indication of readers’ behavior and thus the quality of the blog posts. If your blog is interesting, definitely readers will stay long, read more posts and hence you’ll have a good page views per month. So, today I thought of sharing few tips to increase the page views of your blog. Although this is not a recipe post, as always I know this post is helpful for most of my blogging friends around.

Here are few tips on how to increase page views on your blog. If you follow these tips, you will get higher page views and also a lower bounce rate which both are important for a blog to be successful.

#1: Use Internal links

When you write a post, it is a good practice to link to a related post within your post. Always try to link to a post that is actually matching and helpful for the post you are going to insert. This will be helpful for the reader to get more complete information which they are looking for and at the same time, those links keep your readers busy in your blog by reading some other relevant posts.

#2: Show Related posts


Always show the related posts at the end of your blog. This will help your visitors to read some of the related posts easily. This will definitely increase page views and of course your site will be user friendly.

On the other way a related content widget for a blog is helpful to show archived posts for your visitors, if not most of your posts will stay in your blog without much attention of readers.

Related posts for blogger widgets or plugins are helpful for this purpose.I prefer related posts with thumbnails,because those are simply eye catching.You can easily install a related content widget using limk.com. I use that for my blogs and found it is really helpful for creating a user friendly site.

How to install related content widget for a blog.

If you use blogger-Check this post on how to install related posts widget to blogger blog

If you use wordpress platform-Read this post on how to install a related posts widget to your blog.

#3: Use excerpts instead of full post

When you publish a post, always use excerpts instead of showing the full post. By this method, you’ll get the chance of showing more archived posts in your home page .The more posts are visible, more chances to readers to go through those.

#4: Write quality content

Whatever methods you use with the aim of getting more traffic, and more page views, it is useless if you don’t share quality content in your site. Original unique contents are must for any blog as duplicate content may not give you good results .If the content in your posts are worth and interesting to read, no doubt your visitors will stay in your site reading more posts. When you write a post, remember to add attractive images, videos or even write in steps by showing each point clearly. These will keep the visitor in your blog and even it will make the visitors to come back to your blog again.

#5: Show recent posts and popular posts

This is another great way to attract your visitors to engage with other posts. You can utilize your side bar space to show some recent posts or popular posts. This is one of the popular ways among most bloggers to make their blog engaging. It is not difficult to show recent posts and popular posts in your side bar.

Above are some of the tips I use when writing my blogs including Food Corner. Do you have any more tips to add to this list? Please share those below.