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Themed Birthday parties are always fun and looks much organized. I really had a great time when I was organizing my son’s first birthday party with animal theme. After all, photos are beautiful and it ended up with nice memories. So, now I know themed parties are the perfect way to celebrate a kid’s birthday.
After sharing few tips on how to throw aperfect Star Wars Birthday Party, today I selected the theme as Minnie Mouse. When Star Wars is perfect with a boy, Minnie mouse is a favourites for girls.
Have you ever thrown a birthday party with the theme Minnie mouse? If so please share your tips and experience with organizing the party at the comments section.
Now, back to the topic! After selecting the theme what is next?
You need to plan the steps of arranging the party. It is better to start planning at least 2 weeks before the party to avoid unnecessary pressure. If you are struggling with what to buy and how to proceed, don’t worry! Your kids will tell you what they want for their party. It is good to get their ideas and also it is easy for you to accommodate the things that they suggest.

How to Organize the Minnie Mouse Birthday Party?

If you struggle with finding time to shop for the products, don’t worry. No longer you have to rely on the local stores in your town, instead You can buy things matching with the theme from online shops.
Once your theme is decided, you can search for online shops selling all manner of themed party items which fit with Minnie mouse theme. Here are the things you want to focus when arranging the party.
  • Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations 
  • Tableware and decorations
  • Party favour ideas 
  • Birthday Cake 
  • Birthday Dress  
  • Party food ideas 
  • Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

It is nice if you can use your theme in invitation too. That will give a hint to the guests as well. So, they will prepare for the theme. You can easily use customized cards to prepare your own Minnie mouse themed Birthday Party Invitation.

Also check this post on how we created personalized invitations for our First Birthday Party.

  • Tableware and decorations
Usually you can select red/pink & Black as themed colours for the party. Select items such as table clothes, party ware and decorations matching with these colours. The easiest is to buy a set of party items which is made for a Minnie mouse themed party.
Check these Minnie Mouse Party Supplies to get some ideas.
  • Party favour ideas
Easily you can use Minnie mouse themed favour bags to include some items for the guests. As party favours, select something that kids would love. You can easily find Minnie mouse in pencils, erasures and even small gadgets. Try to find themed items according to your budget.
  • Birthday Cake
 Cake Decorating Projects: Minnie Mouse
Birthday cake plays the important role in any birthday party. I am sure you spend more time selecting a cake design. If you bake or order a cake, it is best to decorate it with Minnie mouse characters. Here are some design ideas for a Minnie Mouse Birthday cake.
  •  Birthday Dress  
Birthday dress is another important item for the party.It is nice if you can find the dress also matching with the theme.Specially,your kid would love to have a dress with Minnie Mouse theme.
  • Party food ideas
It is better if you arrange a Minnie Mouse themed dessert table. Include few party food items matching with the theme. Here are some suggestions from me.
With the Minnie Mouse themed Birthday cake as the center piece, arrange some food in the dessert table.Some ideas you can easily make for the Minnie Mouse theme are,
1. Cupcakes

Arrange some cupcakes with Minnie mouse theme. If you want it to make simple and easy, bake some cupcakes and decorate it with Minnie mouse cake toppers. You can either make some cake toppers or buy some themed cake toppers.

Cookies decorate with Minnie mouse character are great for a birthday party. That will definitely add beauty for the dessert table.
3.Fruit snacks
Use a Minnie mouse shaped cookie cutter and cut fruits like water melon into Minnie mouse shape. You can either use skewers to arrange fruits nicely or serve in serving plates. Colourful fruit platters will be a healthy choice too.
4.Cake pops.
If you search in Google, you’ll find lot of ideas with Minnie mouse theme for cake pops. These are wonderful for any birthday party.
5.Nuts,sweets  & chocolates
If you rush with time, do something simple to make food items match with the theme. For my son’s animal themed birthday party, I made some toppers with animal stickers and inserted those in snack bowls. That was perfect with the theme. You can easily buy few types of chocolates, nuts and colourful sweets. Prepare some toppers with Minnie Mouse theme and insert in serving bowls. Simple,  yet beautiful.
Below is a picture of our Animal themed Birthday Party, you can do the same for a Minnie mouse theme too.

Above are some of my ideas for a Minnie Mouse themed Birthday party. I highly recommend Birthday Express as an online store to buy themed birthday party supplies.

Why I recommend them

With Birthday Express,
  • you can shop by theme or browse a whole range of themes if you are still unsure of a theme
  • Most of the themes have subgroups. Due to this you are able to purchase party items featuring your child’s favourite character.
  • You are able to personalize items for their age or the event you are celebrating.
  • You can also buy decorations for your home and tableware, all decorated with the character of your child’s choice or theme.
  • You can even select a birthday dress matching with the theme.So,this is a one-stop shop and you can buy all the things you need for the party.
  •  The prices are reasonable and you can order online for delivery to your home.
Above are some tips and ideas and I hope this post is helpful for you to throw your child a party they will never  forget.

Do you have any tips to add to this post?Please share below.