Kathurumurunga is a popular green leaf in Sri Lankan cooking. Usually we eat Kathurumurunga leaves (Agati leaves) in a stir fry or as a mallum. Earlier I shared the recipe for kathurumurunga kola mallum. Now it is time to share another recipe with kathurumurunga.Anyway,do you like adding a ‘kola mallum‘ or a ‘salada‘ to your Sri Lankan meal?If so,this recipe is for you.

In Sri Lanka, it is easy to find this green leaf .And here in Singapore, we can easily buy these leaves from Little India, especially from Tekka Market. So, I am lucky to prepare some kind of Sri Lanka unique dishes at least once a month.


Kathurumurunga Tree

This kathurumurunga salad is a really easy and delicious recipe and I am sure any Sri Lankan who likes to eat truly Sri Lankan recipes would love to taste this. But, I deep fried kathurumurunga leaves for this recipe. If you are too concern about healthy recipes, then this may not sounds good 🙂  .Because, all the leaves are deep fried for the salad. Well, do you consider each and every meal to be healthy? I am not! It is not practical when you consider the taste .

So, prepare this kathurumurunga salad when you want to have a different dish or a side for your meal. I am sure you’ll remind me when you are having your meal. Sure, you’ll remind me to thank for the shared recipe. Did you find this recipe anywhere? I didn’t. Instead this is a experiment in my Sri Lankan kitchen and it didn’t fail. 🙂

Kathurumurunga Leaves Salad

Well,my food photography is worst in these days as I cook mostly in night time.Captured with poor lighting,I try my best to show you how this kathurumurunga leaves salad is.

If you are in Sri Lanka,you sure have a Kathurumurunga tree at your home or you can easily buy a bunch of kathurumurunga leaves from the market.So,try this and let me know how the taste is!You may also like to try this Kathurumurunga leaves with Prawns

Recipe: Kathurumurunga Leaves Salad


2 cups of Kathurumurunga leaves
Oil for deep frying
1 medium size onion
2 green chilies
Salt as per taste
1 tspn lime juice


For this salad you need Kathurumurunga leaves removed from its stem.

First wash the kathurumurunga leaves, drain water and pat dry.

Then deep fry the leaves and keep on a kitchen towel to drain oil.

Now it is time to prepare Kathurumurunga salad.

Slice onion and put into a dish.

Slice green chili too.

Then add salt to green chili and sliced onion. Mix well

We do this step before adding deep fried kathurumurunga leaves, I found it helps to mix salt better with chili and onion.

Now add deep fried kathurumurunga leaves and finally add lime juice to it.

Mix well and serve with plain rice and other sides.

Tip: Prepare this salad just before serving to keep its freshness.
Adjust lime juice and salt as per taste.

Kathurumurunga Leaves Salad-Kathurumurunga kola saladaya

Kathurumurunga Leaves Salad

Now it is your turn. If you try this and find it tasty, don’t forget to share the comments and suggestions with me too.