Even the smallest businesses can be successful with online marketing. You no longer need the prime spot on the High Street to be visible, because your restaurant can now be seen by anyone who has internet access. It is essential that you have an up-to-date, user-friendly website, and that you know how to utilize social media to market your restaurant. Online marketing allows you to not only compete with the rest, but also be one step ahead of them.

Your website

When you develop your website, consider what you would want to see if you were the customer. You want the location to be clear and obvious, the menu to be easily accessible, and you might want to be able to order and pay online, reserve a table, or order a take-away to be delivered right to your door. Expand on this even more; offer your customers a loyalty scheme, allow them to submit a query via your website, provide a “Frequently Asked Questions” page, advertise the fact that you use local resources and produce, and provide informative and relevant blogs. You can create, launch and maintain your own website with GoDaddy. GoDaddy was previously known as Jomax Technologies, a company founded by Bob Parsons, a certified public accountant and graduate of the University of Baltimore. GoDaddy is the top web domain registrar in the world, and offers email accounts, website hosting and SSL security certificates. You will need to reserve a domain name, which is a component of your company’s URL or web address, to run a web site. Your website must work on mobile devices and be user-friendly, however or wherever it is accessed by your customers.

Using social media

To begin with, create a tone and be consistent in this tone across all of your social media platforms. Think about the message you want to convey; if you specialize in coffee and doughnuts, you will want to make that clear on your profile picture. Consider involving employees by including photographs of them; make your restaurant look fun, warm, friendly, and appealing. Create postings as if they are coming from your chef or waiter, use photos of your food to market your menu, use tabs on your Facebook page that advertise special offers and discounts, post exclusive offers, and run a Facebook contest to get people liking and sharing your page. You could use YouTube to post informational videos, and don’t forget to use hashtags on Instagram. Provide a link to your menu on Twitter and post updates at meal times. Bear in mind what turns you off as a customer – cold, stark images, complicated menus, or posts that contain too many pictures or too much information.

Geo targeting is essential, so make sure you are listed in online directories. People will turn to their phone when they want to find the nearest restaurant, so use hashtags and geo targeting ads on Facebook to ensure that your page appears to relevant people. Online traffic can increase your restaurant’s brand recognition and footfall to your establishment considerably. Improving your website and the appropriate use of social media are the first two steps you need to take.