Mini Heart Shaped Cakes

I loved making these cakes. I selected heart shape as it is almost Valentines Day. The method was so simple.
Here is my recipe:
1 cake recipe (I used a simple butter cake)
Strawberry Jam
1 cup Buttercream icing
Special equipment
Small heart shaped cookie cutters
First pre heat the oven & make the cake according to the recipe. I prepared a butter cake & shared the recipe here.
After the cake is done, allow to cool it completely for about 20 minutes. Then wrap with a plastic wrap & freeze for about 1 hr. This will make it easier to cut the cake.
 After 1 hr, take the cake out & remove the wrap.
Using a cookie cutter cut it into small heart shaped pieces. Take one piece & slice horizontally forming two layers. Then apply strawberry jam into one slice & top with other. Continue this with other mini cakes too.
(While cutting to heart shapes, some of the parts have to be discarded. I used those discarded parts in cake pops)
Now heart shaped cakes are ready & need to decorate.
I used buttercream icing for decorating them.Flowers are  Royal Icing Drop Flowers
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Mini Heart Shaped Cakes

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