Papaya and Orange Juice (and a Hives Treatment)



Papaya and Oranges are fruits which are rich with vitamin C. Of course we love to eat more papaya at home in different ways as fresh fruits or in recipes. If you noticed I have shared recipes with papaya time to time. One of my favourites with papaya is  papaya milkshake which I shared few months ago.
Yesterday I had a good read and found these fruits are good for hives. Instead of just sharing the recipe, I thought it is helpful if I share some helpful information too.
As vitamin C rich fruits, papaya and oranges play an important role in hives treatments. Simply, papaya and oranges help to improve our immune system. Anyway, if you are curious about knowing what are hives and its causes, below are some basic facts.
What are Hives
Hives (medical term is Urticaria) is an outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps on the skin. These red bumps will appear suddenly. Sadly hives will causes itching and discomfort.
What Causes Hives
Hives are due to allergic reactions of the body. These allergic reactions can be due to medicines and foods which your body cannot take. Stress also has an impact on hives.
What to eat when you have hives
Although you need medicine to treat hives, certain foods can help to reduce the effects of hives. Foods rich with Vitamin B-5, Vitamin C and vitamin E are helpful when you suffer with hives.
Vitamin C is important for your immune system. You will be able to improve immune system function just by adding vitamin C-rich foods to your diet. On the other way, a healthy immune system is important to reduce the effects of hives and to avoid future outbreaks.
Add fruits such as cantaloupe, grapefruit, papayas and oranges to your diet to boost your vitamin C intake.
Papaya -a Hives Treatment
While papaya and oranges are fruits that are rich with vitamin C, a drink is a great way to consume these fruits easily.
Not only as a treatment for hives, papaya and oranges are also good for a beautiful glowing skin due to the high amount of antioxidants in these fruits. Therefore eat more papaya and oranges and get all these benefits for your body! 🙂
Here is today’s recipe of Papaya and Orange juice. Try it and share with me your experience with this recipe!
Papaya and Orange Juice (and a Hives Treatment)
Ingredients (2-3 servings)
2 cups of papaya chunks (well ripe)
2 Oranges
Sugar/sweetener (optional)
Water 2 glasses
Extract the juice of oranges and keep aside.
Remove the seeds of papaya and prepare 2 cups of papaya chunks.
Add papaya chunks into a blender.
Add sugar or sweetener as required. However this is optional and you can avoid sweetener too.
Blend until smooth.
Once papaya is blended well, add orange juice into this mix & add water.
Mix well until all ingredients are mixed together.
Serve cold with added ice cubes.
Do you like this fruit combination papaya and oranges? Have you ever tried both these fruits in a recipe? Please share your thoughts.