Detoxing is a popular buzz these days among people who consider their health and wellness. Smoothies are in the top of the list among the food which helps to detox the body naturally. Whatever the reason, a fruit smoothie is a healthy way to diet or lose weight naturally. I usually have the habit of having fruits as smoothies. One of the major reasons is that by using a smoothie, I am able to take more fruits in than eating them one by one.

Sometimes ago I prepared this Peach and yogurt smoothie, but unable to post. Here I used purple peaches with natural yogurt. It was creamy and thick with the flavours of peaches. I used peaches directly with the skin due to the benefits of purple colour fruit skin. If you don’t like the skin, still you can remove it.

I didn’t use any sweetener. How about you? Do you use sweetener in your fruit drinks/smoothies? Sweeteners are always an optional item for any smoothie recipe, however I prefer smoothies without any sweetener.

Before the recipe, I guess it is helpful if I share some health benefits of peaches. Some benefits are,

  • Peaches are rich with Vitamin A and C which help to keep the skin healthy.  Due to this, they are often used in cosmetics.  
  • Peaches are a rich source of beta carotene which is helpful for eye health.
  • Peaches have the ability of detoxing. The high amount of fiber and potassium in peaches reduces kidney related diseases and thus lessens the risk of ulcer.
  • Peaches are a good weight control fruit because of the fact that one peach contains only 68 calories with no fat. 

Below is the easy recipe for peach smoothie. Try it and see how the taste is.

Ingredients (2 servings)

    1 cup natural yogurt
    4 peaches, cored and roughly chopped
    Sweetener as required (optional)


In a blender, add peaches and yogurt.
Add a sweetener if required. I didn’t use any sweetener here.
Blend till peaches are smooth.
Serve with ice cubes.