Lima is the gastronomical capital of the Americas, while the food on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu is another wonder of the world.

Everyone who is into good food will surely agree with me when it comes to praising the fantastic characteristics and taste of the Peruvian cuisine.  For every food connoisseur, a trip to Lima and Peru is a must do. Not in vain Lima has three of the ten best restaurants in the world.

The truth is that the Peruvian food has some of the tastiest ingredients of the world’s food. Andean products, mixed with the abundant seafood that comes from the Pacific ocean and the influence of other cuisines such as the Spanish or Chinese have taken the Peruvian food to the pace it holds nowadays.

Peruvian cuisine

If you are not lucky enough to make a reservation for any of the best restaurants in Peru, then you should not be disappointed, as Lima has many restaurants to choose from where one can taste the famous Peruvian ceviche, as well as the worldwide renowned Lomo Saltado or the super delicious Arroz con mariscos.

If that was not enough of good food and superb restaurants, one of the places with the most positive reviews about the type and quality of the food is the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Almost every single person that has been to this wonderful trekking destination praises the delicious, fresh and tasty food they received while on the hikes.

What is special about the food prepared along this trek, is the setting in which such food is prepared, which is camping tent.

Peruvian cuisine

Cooks and porters on the Inca trail work hard as a team to provide the best service and the most delicious food that one can ever try while backpacking outdoors. Not only they prepare the food, but they haul all of the ingredients and equipment up and down the Andes mountains, which in it of itself is remarkable.

So, if you decide to hike the Inca trail and experience the beauty of the outdoors and the tastiness of the Peruvian food, then choose a reputable tour operator that will deliver the kind of service that you deserve. It will be a great opportunity to do both; visit Machu Picchu one of the seven wonders of the world, and enjoy the food of one of the best cuisines of the world.