Sri Lanka, with all its colonial legacy and glory is one of the most favourite tourist spots for people around the world. Especially after the end of civil war, there is a massive boom in tourist resorts around the country. Almost 1.5 million tourists visited the country last year from across the globe, mostly from European countries. Sri Lanka has successfully managed to preserve her history that is millennia old. Some of the oldest cities and civilizations have their roots in this part of the world. In fact some of them continue to live up to this date. This thriving tourism has added a lot to the country’s economy and its financial landscape. Following are some of the must-see places in Sri Lankan territory whenever you pay a visit.

The Garden City of the East

Colombo is not merely the commercial capital of the country, it rather preserves a colossal collection of architects both from the colonial era as well as from the empires before. The south of Colombo in particular has a lot or tourist sites and local food to offer.


While being out on the streets, your accessories should at least include one camera to capture the beautiful sites. Though it shouldn’t stop you from taking other relevant travel accessories with you like sunglasses, backpack etc. You can always rely to get such accessories on online places like and Below is an archaic picture of the South of Colombo which speaks a lot about the monuments it possess.



What can you possibly imagine from a city that is three millennia old and still demonstrate the remnants of its once vibrant community, save glory and awe. The crumbling temples and the architectural remains from the Buddhist era give a uniquely heartfelt picture of the city. It is a sacred place for many Buddhists and Hindus, who pay regular visits to their sacred places. There are number of new tourist resorts and guesthouses that let the people bask in the shade of centuries old trees.


New England in Sri Lanka

Yes, there is a place in our country known as New England. Considering the number of Britons visiting the country (144,168 last year alone), one would assume that this mystery should have been resolved by now. But no, it is not that obvious why Nuwara Eliya has come to be known as New England. But you dig a bit and you’ll realise what the bucolic sites here smell and look like. The hedgerows, gardens and orchards are surreally similar to the English idyllic lifestyle. Of course, once you reach there, there will be an urge roam around and get a taste of that Lankan food.
These are the perfect sites for photography lovers. Travelling requires you to walk as well, let’s face it we enjoy scenery we won’t do it while in car so you should have very comfortable pair of shoes to walk and roam around for hours. So, buy comfy shoes from online places as and the best out of this expedition.


The East

Eastern side of the country is usually put in contrast to the southern and western coastlines of the country. This part is relatively less developed but offers a very earthly feeling when you reach there. The tourism is not that much established but the indigenous people have set up their own private guesthouses. But of course it is must see area.