I am very new for blog writing,but I can see my face book page is growing.It is not with only  increasing fan base,but my page is active with comments from others.I am so glad to have such active members around me.
My page is going to reach it’s 500 fan count soon.Therefore I thought of doing something new for my fans in face book page.This is the result of it.Until recent,I always posted for adults.But today I thought I want to post food for kids too.
This is my first attempt & this is for all of you moms…..
What do you think of this sandwich?Kid will love it & eat it?
I used some carrots & grapes to decorate.

This is my attempt to make a flower using carrot,Grape & sweet corn seeds.

How about making a fish?

Oh dont laugh.This is my kitten.

Doesnt this look like a rat?Please see its mouth with two teeth.

Oh a naughty boy with few hair….

How about this?

mmm I used cookie cutters to cut to this shape.But in this method I can see a bit of wastage of bread.

This is my attempt to make a dog.

What do you think about this?I prepared  this thinking of a shark.Do you feel like that?

Hope you will prepare sandwiches for your kid & decorate nicely.Enjoy!!