I always like to try easy recipes. Sometimes I try to convert the original recipe & find my way of doing it. Sausage Kebab is one among those shortcut recipes.
Here is my recipe
Ingredients (2 servings)
4 sausages (washed,cleaned) (I used chicken sausages)
1 Bell pepper
1 onion
Few cherry tomatoes
Few skewers
3 tbspn Black pepper sauce
½ cup Rice wine
2 tbspn oil 
Cut sausages into bite size pieces
Mix black pepper sauce in rice wine (instead tomato ketchup or soy sauce can be used according to the taste)
Dip sausages in it & allow marinating.
Meanwhile cut onion & bell pepper into few pieces.
Heat oil in a pan, once it is heated; add the sausages & the marinating mix.
Pan Fry under very low flame until all the sauce is absorbed to sausages.
Switch off the flame.
Now you are ready with sausages, bell pepper, tomatoes & onion
Insert those into skewers in alternative pattern.

Now kebabs are ready.
Serve & enjoy.

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