Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls

Sri Lankan food is rich with different type of recipes and influenced by many other Asian foods. Chinese dishes take a great place. This is one of the Sri Lankan recipes influenced by Chinese cuisine. However, now this is purely Sri Lankan although these Chinese rolls have its roots to Spring rolls, which is a popular Chinese food.

In Sri Lanka, we have a variety of snacks and called as short eats. These Chinese rolls are one of those delicious Sri Lankan short eats which is great with a cup of Ceylon Tea.
Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls-a short eat

Whenever we visit Sri Lanka, we eat lot of different short eats including Sri Lankan rolls. Sometimes I try those short eats at home and this is one of them. Actually these photos are from a batch of Chinese rolls I cooked in 2013 September. But, due to long process to explain, I was really lazy to write the recipe. This is the same with Biriyani recipe. Although I cook, I am lazy to share. I am lazy! I am really lazy to type long recipes.
However, after about one year, today I am in a mood to type this Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls recipe. Hope I will be able to share this post today. Although the typing is long, it is not difficult to make these spring rolls at home.
You’ll only need few steps to follow. Then it is easy to cook.
Just as a summary, preparing of Sri Lankan rolls includes,
-Preparing a filling
-Preparing pancakes
-Make the rolls with the filling
-Deep fry
-Serve and enjoy
 Few tips to remember:
-I used canned tuna for filling. However you can change the filling as your preference.
Add fish, it will be fish rolls. Add mixed vegetables. It will be vegetable rolls. Mix some hardboiled eggs, then those will be egg rolls.
-Always use freshly coarse black pepper for a good taste. Although I have black pepper powder in my spices rack, I always prefer to crush some pepper when I want. One of the secret for most short eats are the fresh and aromatic taste of black pepper!
I have a small mortar and a pestle, and it is easy to coarse some black pepper in few minutes.
Well, after my all tips and tricks, here is the recipe for Sri Lankan Chinese rolls
For the filling
1 can of tuna (drained water/sauce)       
2 medium sized Potatoes  
1 onion sliced
2-3 Green Chilies sliced
1 sprig Curry Leaves
½ tsp. mustard seeds
1 tsp. Red chilli powder     
¼ tsp. Turmeric powder     
1 tsp. freshly coarse Black pepper powder         
Salt as per taste
1-2 tbsp. cooking oil
Pancake /wrap
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 egg – beaten
¼ tsp. baking powder
A Pinch of turmeric (optional)
salt to taste
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
For Crumbing
200g Bread Crumbs
1 Egg
½ cup all purpose flour
Step 1: Make the pancake Batter

As a wrap, you can use store bought spring rolls wraps.
Here I make them from scratch. Traditionally the wrapping for Chinese rolls are pan cakes.
Below is how to make pancake wraps.
First, sieve all-purpose flour & baking powder together into a bowl.
Add beaten egg into this & whisk well.
Gradually add milk and make the pan cake batter. Avoid any lumps.
Adjust salt & add a pinch of turmeric.
Whisk well again. Keep the batter aside for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: Make the filling:

First boil potatoes
Peel the skin and roughly cut into cubes.
Drain the can of tuna.
Heat oil in a frying pan,when oil is hot add mustard seeds.
When mustard seeds start to pop out, add onions, green chili and curry leaves.
Stir until the onions are tender and start to emit aroma.
Then add tuna and cubed potatoes.
Mix well.
Allow to cook for a few minutes.
Then add salt, crushed pepper, chili powder, turmeric powder and stir until all are well mixed.
Cook another few minutes and turn off heat.
Keep this mix aside and allow cooling.
Filling for Chinese Rolls is ready.
how to make Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls
Prepare the filling for  Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls
Step 3: Arrange the bread crumbs and batter

In a bowl, beat the egg. Keep aside. This is needed to cover the rolls.
In a plate,spread some plain flour.Keep aside.
In another plate, spread bread crumbs. This is to cover the rolls before deep frying.Keep aside.
Well,now we have prepared all the required basic ingredients and things.
Now it is time to make the Chinese rolls.
Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls
Here are final steps on how to make Chinese Rolls. (The Sri Lankan style short eat)
Step 1: Make the Pancakes:
Strain the pancake batter before making the pancakes.
This is to avoid any lumps. This step will give you smooth pancakes.
Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat for about 1 minute.
Then coat it with a drop of cooking oil.
Once it is hot, spoon some batter on it.
Swirl the pan to even distribute the batter & to make a round shape.
Cook until lightly brown.
Remove to a plate.

Make the Pancakes for Sri Lankan Rolls

Step 2: Make the rolls

This is an important tip.
To make best Chinese rolls without any problem don’t allow your pancakes to become cool once prepared. That means, you have to cook a pan cake, spread the filling on it, make the roll ready to fill before proceeding to the next pan cake.
However, if you are quick enough, make 4-5 pancakes and spread the filling on them.
Make rolls ready to fry. Then proceed to the next pancake batch.
I used the 2ndmethod, Ah! that means I am quick!
Now, back to preparing the rolls.
Once a pancake is ready, immediately spread about a spoon of filling onto cooked pancake.
Then roll it.
Before rolling, fold one side. Then fold two opposite sides.
After that, roll it. Please see the below pictures on how to roll these spring rolls.
Then coat this roll with plain flour which we kept aside.
After that dip in beaten egg.
Then roll it again on bread crumbs and cover the rolls with bread crumbs.
Repeat the process with remaining batter and the filling.
Prepare all the rolls for deep frying.
how to make Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls
Step 3:Deep frying

Ah, I am really happy now. We are in the final step.
Simply heat some oil in a deep frying pan or a thachchi.
When oil is hot, deep fry the rolls.
When rolls are fried evenly and golden brown, remove those to a kitchen towel.
Allow to drain any excess oil.
Repeat with the remaining rolls.
Step 4: Serve it

Once all the Chinese rolls are deep fried, serve hot with some tomato sauce.
A ginger tea is well goes with this. That is my favourite combination.
Sri Lankan Chinese Rolls