Sri Lankan Ginger Tea
Sri Lankan Ginger Tea is one of the popular recipes among Sri Lankans to use Ceylon Black Tea. We are proud of our Ceylon Tea, which is considered as a high quality tea around the world. This Ginger Tea Recipe is very simple, but my blog is not completed if I don’t post a Ceylon Tea Recipe.
Ceylon Tea
Therefore here is the recipe of how to prepare Sri Lankan Ginger Tea.
Ceylon Black Tea
Ingredients (for 1 cup of tea)
1 tea bag or 1 tspn loose tea (Ceylon Black Tea)
1 tspn of grated/crushed ginger
1-2 trpn of Sugar (as per taste)
1 cup of boiling water
Boil water.
Before preparing the tea, warm the tea pot by adding a small amount of boiling water to the pot. Swirl the water & remove before preparing the tea.
Place tea bag in a tea pot & pour boiling water into it. Add crushed ginger. Cover the teapot. Allow to simmer about 4 minutes.
Strain the tea into serving cups & add sugar to taste. Instead of sugar, you can add honey or other sweetener.
Serve hot!!
For better results, do not infuse tea more than 5 minutes.
Ceylon Black Tea with Ginger
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