Taiwan Oolong Black Tea Review

This is another tea review about tea from Nuvola Tea. Recently I tried another tea sample and it is Premium Taiwan Oolong Black Tea from Nuvola Tea. I found from Nuvola Tea that this Oolong Black Tea is a special black tea created from Oolong Tea.

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 When I opened the pack, it is a dry tea in black colour. It has a nice fragrance which I was attracted.

I placed few tea leaves in a warm tea pot and filled the tea pot with hot water. Once brewed, the tea looks in golden brown colour. It smells good with some fruity aroma. One thing I like to notice when brewing tea is, what will happen to the tea leaves. Leaves of this tea opened nicely and surprised me. It was too thin when in the packet (in dry form).But once brewed, the leaves were beautifully opened.

Taiwan Black Tea

The taste was mild and smooth. I could feel some fruity flavour. It is really great with no added sweetener. The tea itself had a sweet flavour. I couldn’t feel any bitterness.

First I tried it as a hot drink and later as a cold drink. It was great in both ways. But I loved hot drink much.
I am sure any tea lover would love this tea.Please check here for more details and purchasing of tea from Nuvola tea.