Ok, first I want to say that I don’t eat pork or many other meats. But this is a recipe I have read some time ago & it was in my mind. After I tried it, I wanted to find a name. What I did is, searched in Google & found this name. Yes, these appetizers look like ‘pigs in a blanket’ & this is something that a hot dog becomes a pig…..:)
Anyway here is the recipe & it was very easier to prepare.
A prepared dough (Any pastry dough goes with this & I have frozen paratha,so I used it)
Few sausages

Pre heat the oven to 400F
Cut a strips from the dough.
Wrap it around the sausage.
Then cut the wrapped sausage into small pieces of about 2 inch.
Bake in 400F for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with any sauce.
Really simple and easy appetizer & I think this is good to serve in any gathering.

 I found some recipes,that they use cheese inside the dough (blanket).Also I saw some  recipes which they use cabbage as the wrap.Anyway,it depends on the way we prepare & I am sure this would be tasty in anyway…

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