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Welcome to Food Corner, A Singapore based food blog with Sri Lankan Recipes & other recipes tried & tasted by me & family members.

I am Amila Gamage. I am a Sri Lankan living in Singapore. I learned almost all my cooking from the recipes found on websites. However, when I looked for some Sri Lankan recipes, I couldn’t find the exact recipe or taste as I wanted. I tried to adjust the way of cooking those Sri Lankan recipes reminding the way my mother & other Sri Lankans cooked. Finally, I thought of filling the gap by sharing those Sri Lankan recipes with others. This Food blog is a result of that! 🙂 And I started this blog in 2011.

Starting this blog is the best ever thing I have done. I never expected this much appreciation from others or this much happiness for myself to do everyday cooking.
I could find many friends through this blog & we could share new ideas, tips related to cooking.

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me for any suggestions.
Again, thanks a lot for your visit to Food Corner.

You can email me using slfoodcorner{ @ } yahoo.com

Few things about this blog and my journey as a blogger:

You can check my first blog posts here : This Chicken with Capsicum recipe post is the first blog of this blog.

At that time, no idea on how to post-edit food photos, how to write a recipe with proper instructions or even not good with my cooking. 🙂

Now I can see many new food blogs and YouTube channels that share Sri Lankan food around the world. I am really proud of all these efforts. At least, people around the world know that Sri Lankan Cuisine exists.

Lately, I became busy with my career. There were times I couldn’t update the food blog with new recipes. But, I still want this blog to go with the trust of the readers on shared recipes. This is why I only use my own cooking and recipes to update the blog although there are months without any new recipe. 🙂

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