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Food Corner is a Singapore based food blog and a free recipe source for food lovers.It is specially popular among Sri Lankan recipe lovers living in Singapore,Australia,America and across the world.

Other than recipes,we also share articles that are related to travel and health which we think as beneficial for readers.  

Why Food Corner is suitable for creating Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing is the best way to create brand awareness. It is cost effective, simple and yet powerful.

Food Corner is an established blog since 2011, trusted by its readers and have experience working with many popular brands across the globe.

Food Corner is well loved by popular search engines which send traffic to most articles daily. There is a chance that your article to see by readers throughout years even after the initial campaign.

There are different ways we can work together in your marketing campaign. Choose the best campaign idea and contact me via for a quick reply.

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How we can work together

Depending on your product or services which is family friendly,below are some of the ideas that we can offer through Food Corner.

  • Sponsor a recipe
  • Product reviews
  • Recipe creation using your products
  • Image advertisements in sidebar and after a blog post
  • Product mentions in blog articles

To discuss further,write me an email to including your business/company name and website.I will reply within 5-7 business days.