It is so precious if we can eat organic food straight from the farm. However nowadays it is not an easy task.
Eating organic food gives more benefits where food is grown with no pesticides and chemical fertilizers. By eating organic food, one can avoid the pesticide residue left on it & also the food is more on nutrients value. However is it possible to afford organic food nowadays? Though organic food can be found in super markets, they cost more than other food. It is something to decide individually.
The Environment Working Group has done studies & released the updated list for the Dirty Dozen fruits & vegetables.
There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away!! But apple is in the top of the dirty dozen fruits & vegetables list.
Here is the Dirty Dozen list as listed by EWG.
Below are the top list of fruits & vegetables with lowest pesticide effects. They were listed as ‘top clean 15’
Source for this blog post: EWG 2012 shopper’s Guide