I remember once my DH was asking me whether I can make wine at home or not. That time I was silent because I didn’t have an interest to find a recipe for wine. And my true feeling was, why I waste my time, there are good wines to buy. But accidentally few days later I saw a post from Julie & her post inspired me to try red wine at home.

Though I made this wine a few months ago, I was lazy to type & post all the long procedure. Finally I completely forgotten .Today thought of sharing this recipe to those who like to try red wine at home.

This homemade red wine recipe is adapted from both Erivum Pulium & KosuKadi

Ingredients: (for 1ltr of red wine)

Seedless black/dark brown Grapes: 750g

White Sugar 750g

Yeast 10g

Whole wheat 25 g

Water 1ltr (boiled & taken back to room temperature)


An air tight container big enough to hold above ingredients+ some free space

Wooden spoon


Day 1

Step 1

Keep the all ingredients around. Make sure all the ingredients are clean & dry.

Wash & clean grapes, remove the stems. Keep them on paper towels to dry.

Clean wheat & allow drying.

Step 2

I used a plastic container . Put all the grapes in to the container. Using the wooden spoon, just smash the grapes. This is to help grapes to rupture. Smash all the grapes

Pour water which is already in room temperature. Keep the container aside.

Then prepare the yiest.To activate yeast, use 50ml Luke warm water. Dissolve yeast on it. Add 1 ½ tsp of sugar into the mix & stir. Mix them well until dissolve.

Pour this yeast mix into the container which we kept aside. Then add wheat into the container.

Take half of the quantity of sugar into the container. Using the spoon mix slowly .No need to mix until sugar is dissolved.

Then add other remaining sugar on top of the mixture.

Mix all evenly.

Close the container with the lid.

Then wrap it tightly using a plastic wrap. Make sure the container is 100% air tight.

Once wrap it properly, keep the container in a cool, dark & dry place.

Step 3

Follow the steps below from day 1 to day 21.

Set a time every day. Carefully open the container. Using a dry spoon, mix the contents carefully. Then make it again air tight. Wrap with polythene.Keep it in the place it was. Continue this procedure until 21st day.

Step 4

On the 22nd day,

Open up the container & slowly strain the mix to another vessel. Remember to keep all the tools dry & clean. Don’t squeeze the remaining grapes parts.

Pour the liquid into a bottle & keep undisturbed in a cool dry place. Wait for another 10 days minimum. The older, the wine is better.

After the waiting time, take out the clear part of wine without shaking the bottle. Don’t allow sediment parts to mix with the liquid on top.

After a long process, red wine is ready to serve!!