Sri Lankan Breakfast/Dinner

Multigrain Roti – The Sri Lankan Style Multigrain Pol Roti

By |June 27th, 2017|

Have you ever tried multigrain roti? Pol roti is a popular Sri Lankan dish which we eat for breakfast or even for dinner. Now, this is another version of traditional Sri Lankan pol roti. Earlier I shared the traditional way of cooking Sri Lankan pol roti. However, I usually try different flour and different ingredients […]

Sri Lankan Pittu

By |December 25th, 2011|

Pittu is a Sri Lankan traditional food which we eat as breakfast or dinner. It is easy to prepare. However need a special utensil to get the rolled shape.Ingredients: (3 pittu / 2-3 servings)1 cup rice flour (very fine rice flour is not suitable)1 cup fresh grated coconut1/2 tspn salt  water as requiredSpecial Utensil:Pittu Bamboo SteamerMethod:First roast […]

Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)

By |October 29th, 2011|

Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)Pol Roti is one of traditional food from Sri Lanka. It is a kind of roti cooked with fresh coconut (pol).& all-purpose flour.We eat Pol roti mostly as our breakfast.But it is good for dinner too.In Sri Lanka we eat with Sri Lankan Chili paste(lunu miris) or […]

Sri Lankan Hoppers (Appa,Appam)

By |August 21st, 2011|

Appa/hopper is a food, native to Sri Lanka.It is served mainly for breakfast or dinner. In Sri Lanka there are many dining places which we can buy crispy & tasty hoppers.Therefore Sri Lankans never miss this tasty food,but I am sure Sri Lankans living in other countries definitely miss the taste.Even I learnt how to […]

Mung Kiribath (Milk Rice with Green Gram/Mung Bean)

By |June 10th, 2011|

Please check my new post with new pictures…..Click hereIngredients (4 portions)4 cups of raw white rice1 cup green beans (mung ata)Thick coconut milk of a coconut Salt to taste.MethodSoak green grams in water overnight.When it is softened after overnight or after 4-5 hours,we can cook the rice.Wash rice and green grams and add them together to […]

Sri Lankan Milk Rice (Kiribath)

By |June 10th, 2011|

Kiribath (milk rice) –  is a ceremonial food and included in all special occasion menus in Sri Lanka. This rice is cooked in thick coconut milk & served as pieces. Basically it can be eaten with ‘lunu miris (Sri Lankan Chilly Paste)Ingredients (4 portions)4 cups of raw white riceThick coconut milk of a coconut Salt […]

Koththu Roti

By |April 9th, 2011|

Koththu Roti is a most popular food in Sri lanka.And it has a unique style of making koththu roti in restaurants with beating to a music.Below is mz waz of making Koththu Roti at home.If you can buy frozen paratha,then it is easy to use it directly,If not make godamba roti first and then use […]

Vegitable Roti

By |March 30th, 2011|

Vegetable Roti (Elawalu Roti) is another short eat from Sri Lanka.Ingredients for dough:1 Cup flourAbout 1/2 Cup watersalt1 1/2 Cup Vegetable oilIngriedents for filling: 1/2 lb potatoes boiled and skins removed1/2 lb leeks2 onions choppedsalt pepperMake dough:Combine flour, salt. Add enough water to make the dough. The dough should not wet. Make into golf ball […]