Chinese Food

Do you like Chinese cuisine? I just want to ask you this before sharing today’s post. I am sure most of you are fans of Chinese food and enjoy those in different way. If so definitely a Chinese meal is one of your interests. Surprisingly people around the world admire Chinese Cuisine and there are lots of Chinese food restaurants offer a great variety of dishes for their customers.

It is no surprise that Chinese Cuisine is popular among whole world. If you noticed, usually Chinese food is prepared not only to satisfy the taste buds, but also to please the eye. The way of presentation of a meal is an important factor in Chinese culture. Therefore most food items are with appealing colors which includes aromatic flavors.
How do you enjoy Chinese Food?
Now if you like Chinese food, then how do you enjoy and taste them? Do you cook them or do you like to eat out?
If you like Chinese food, the affordable way is to find some recipes and cook selected Chinese dishes at home. But, you need the necessary skills, tools, equipment and of course the correct ingredients if you want to enjoy a delicious Chinese meal.
For home cooking, you need basically a wok and a spatula. So, you are ready to cook lot of Chinese dishes. Don’t forget to buy a good variety of sauces to your kitchen. However if you don’t cook this type of meals at home frequently, buying lot of sauces is just waste of money as they will expire soon. On the other way, you can’t get the desired taste if you do not use all the required sauces and ingredients. I usually prefer to try Chinese recipes at home. Even I’ve shared some of those before. If you are interested in trying some recipes, below are some of popular Chinese dishes at our home and even in Sri Lanka.
  • Chicken Devilled
Chicken devilled
This is a popular Chinese food in Sri Lanka and I appear as an expert at my home 🙂  Important thing is to prepare the sauce with correct taste. Once you are able to prepare the sauce, you can also appear as an expert to cook this Chinese Devilled Chicken.
  • Vegetable Chop suey
Chop Suey

This colorful dish is good for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Key factor is that you need to make Chop Suey more appealing by without destroying the color of the vegetables.
  • Kailan Stir-fry
Kailan Stir-fry

There are lots of stir fries in Chinese cuisine. If you are confident on cooking a stir-fry without changing the vibrant colors, try recipes like this Baby Kailan Stir-fry at home.
But, with my opinion, cooking at home is not the best way to enjoy Chinese cuisine. You need to spend lot of time sweating in front of the wok, mixing sauces and ingredients and the sad thing is after all, you only have 2 or 3 dishes to taste.
The Best Way to Enjoy Chinese Cuisine
Eating out is the best option to taste any cuisine as the dishes come to the table from the expert cooks. You’ll able to enjoy the meal in a cozy environment as you are not tired.
Usually Chinese Restaurants offer a variety of lip-smacking food .You can sit in comfort and enjoy a meal leisurely. However, in a restaurant which offers a set meal or a menu, you are limited for few food items. Instead, my favorite way is the restaurants which offer Chinese Buffet. In a Chinese Buffet, usually we are able to taste different varieties from main to desserts including sides. So, it is always a great value for money.
Once you decided to eat out,
How to find a good Chinese Buffet near you?
This is a big concern for anyone who likes to eat out and enjoy a meal. Of course you can ask friends for recommendations or spend time searching on internet. With the popularity of smartphones, nowadays there are lots of Apps which you can use to find a restaurant nearby. However a tool especially created as a Chinese Buffet finder is great and helpful as you don’t want to download it. It is convenient and simply you can visit the Chinese Buffet finder and enter the location which you need to find a buffet. You are ready to go!
Eating out is not just about the food or the cost of food you have to pay. The ambience of a restaurant is also important when you select a place to dine in. Most of Chinese restaurants pay attention to their interior decor, design and lighting to ensure their customers a relaxing environment while giving you some idea about their Chinese culture. So, make it an advantage to explore the rich Chinese culture by selecting a restaurant which brings a touch of the Chinese culture to their décor.
Do you like Chinese Cuisine? If so, how do you enjoy them? Do you enjoy home cooking or do you like Chinese Buffet? Please share your thoughts.