Teespring is a crowdfunding site that allows groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel. I am glad to hear about this site and happy when they contacted me for a review. Though this is a sponsored review, I had a good experience with their site and launched a campaign of my own.Below review is about my experience and honest review of this cool crowdfunding site.
In this platform, anyone can come and design a shirt for their cause and they can sell it via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else online. There is a basic cost for a T shirt and the seller is able to set the selling price. Therefore if the T shirts are sold, the seller can keep all of the profit that shirt earns. Teespring is good as a fundraising platform or just to earn some extra money.
Once the T shirt is created, we don’t have to pay anything upfront .They don’t print the T shirts until the target is completed. Therefore no risk and no hassle for the person who organize the fundraising event!
With this cool crowdfunding site, I thought of launching a campaign. If this campaign is successful, I will use the profit of it to buy books & stationary for some students from Sri Lanka for the new school term.As I mentioned in this post, I always like to do some charity work with Food Corner income and always happy to help thoughtful campaigns like this which helps Sri Lankans.

Here is how it works

Design the perfect tee

Designing a T shirt and launching a campaign is really easy with Teespring. Only you want to have is a clear idea of your cause for fundraising.
Use their online designer to create the tee. The design tool is simple to use and it is loaded with over 10,000 pieces of art and more than 50 fonts. The best part of it is, the tool is really simple and anybody can design a Tee with no effort. If you want to be more creative, you are able to upload your own pictures and design a Tee.
Above picture is about how I started the campaign.
Set a goal (tipping point)

The next step is to set your sales goal. That is the minimum number of shirts you’ll need to sell in order to achieve the goal of the cause. I set it as 60 because I have a plan to collect minimum of $100 for my campaign. The best part is, they will print the shirt only if my goal is achieved. So I don’t have to worry!
Add a title and description

As the final step, select a title and description for your campaign! This is where you can describe the tee, link to your website, or explain your cause.
 Spread the word & Reach your goal!

Once the campaign is launched, Share your campaign with supporters and collect pre-orders! Reach your goal with a good cause!
Check my campaign, if you purchase a T shirt, the profit will be going to a good cause of helping Sri Lankan students!
Or launch your own campaign and it would be a good cause during this Holiday season!