Sweet and Sour Fish-Hawker Centre food-Singapore

Last week we had our dinner from a nearby Hawker Centre. We tried food from Broadway Food Centre, Ang mo Kio which is few minutes walking distance from our home.
It is an undoubted fact that Singapore is a city full of different food. It is full of places to dine from Hawker Centres to High end restaurants. Always, the main problem we face while deciding to eat from outside is choosing a place or even choosing the menu. There are so much different dishes to choose from different cuisines such as Chinese, Malay, Indian Western, or even Korean, Thai etc.

We tried Sweet and Sour Fish, Sambal Kankong and Seafood Fried Rice.
Below are the pictures of photos we tasted for dinner. Undoubtedly they all are delicious,but I found that Sambal Kankong is bit saltish.
Sambal Kankong
Sambal Kan kong

Sweet and sour fish is my husband’s choice whenever we visit a seafood outlet. We ordered a small size portion and it was enough for both of us.


Sweet and Sour Fish-Singapore
Sweet and sour Fish

We cannot fulfill our meal if there is no rice. So we ordered a plate of Seafood Fried rice. Though it is seafood or vegetable fried rice, I always request ‘please, no pork’. Once requested, I can eat my meal happily! Because I am sure they did not add any pork. 😀


Singapore Seafood Fried Rice.
Fried Rice

The food was delicious and we were satisfied. Though Sambal Kang Kong was bit saltish, it was manageable. We will visit this stall again to try some other dishes from their menu.

Broadway Food Centre (AMK)
631 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4