Eat the Globe-A Virtual Dinner Table

As a Food Blogger, now I really enjoy my day by reading about food from different countries including travel notes and foodie stories. It is really nice to see how people are connected through food. Recently I found another place to read and share foodie stories,travel notes and recipes which I spend most of time by reading interesting posts related to different countries and culture. It is Eat the Globe.
Eat the Globe is a virtual dinner table where foodies unite. Foodies can share their favourite recipes,restaurants and food trends in one place. Not only that. For each of post we share, Eat the Globe donates $1 to Oxfam! (Oxfam is an international organization that has been networked together in more than 90 countries to support a global cause to end hunger, injustice and poverty.)
The founder of Eat the Globe is Dinh Tran. Dinh is a passionate foodie who loves travelling the world to experience new cultures, through tasting the local cuisines. As she found that there was no place to share her food stories and tips, she came up with the idea of one place to share all information to make it easy for people who look for more information. As a result, “Eat the Globe” was born. Now it is a place with lot of foodie stories, interesting restaurants and recipes.
As she wanted to make Eat the Globe as a place not just about food, she partnered with Oxfam.
Not only that. Eat the Globe prefers to partner with companies in the food/travel/hospitality industry who are socially conscious to change the world for the better.
Have a look onto this site. You can read lot of interesting articles. It is completely free to sign up. I am sure you have lot of foodie stories. Why don’t share those with others around the globe?And,by sharing a post there,we take part in the donation campaign because Eat the Globe donates $1 to Oxfam for each post we share!