Can you Scrape Coconut for a Competition?These ladies can and they are from Sri Lanka!

Do you use coconut milk for your cooking? In Sri Lanka, most of our cooking is associated with coconut milk.We also use coconut oil and grated coconut. Usually we get coconut milk by scraping coconut. This freshly squeezed coconut milk is always delicious and that adds good aroma and taste for the Sri Lankan dishes.
However, scraping coconut is a bit lazy task for me. I know it is same for most of ladies. But, we Sri Lankans do that daily in order to get coconut milk for daily cooking.
Today I thought of sharing some interesting photos of a competition of coconut scraping. I captured these photos during  Last year April visit to Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka, we celebrate New Year in April. Usually the New Year falls around 12th-14th of April and this day depends on an auspicious time. There are lot of traditions attached with the New Year and basically it is for family reunion.
After the auspicious time, that is after we start our New Year, there are festivals around to celebrate the New Year. Usually these festivals are full of traditional games. Interestingly, these games are full of fun.
Coconut scraping is one of such games where ladies in this competition scrape one coconut .The one who finish scraping a coconut become the winner.
However, there are some other rules too. That is, the scraped coconut must be thin and soft. Cannot have big pieces etc.
If you like to read about different cultural activities, I am sure you’ll like to see these pictures.
Here are some pictures of the coconut scraping contest.
All the ladies had a coconut scraper from their home. Can you see the coconut scraper?  That is one of the must have equipments in a Sri Lankan kitchen.

Here is a close picture of a coconut scraper.(aka hiramanaya)

Organizers of the festival gave a coconut for each lady. They broke the shell of the coconut and prepared for the competition.
They were ready with coconut in hand and waiting for the signal to start the competition.
Competition started. All the ladies started to scrape coconut. 
They all were so fast. I captured photographs thinking, ah how energetic they are when scraping coconut. Because this is one of my laziest job in the kitchen. Luckily in Singapore, I use store bought coconut cream packets.
Most of the ladies were near to complete the scraping of the coconut.
Finally one lady completed scraping of whole coconut. She was the winner. 🙂

What is your photo story for this week?
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