Rome is rich in history and is located in a country that is known around the world for its irresistible food, wine, and coffee. After searching for the best discounts on hotels in Rome and finding the lowest airfare, travelers who wish to save money are faced with another question upon arriving in the city: is it possible to eat well in Rome and simultaneously adhere to a strict budget?


Located a 15 minute walk from Termini station, Pinsere introduces visitors to pinsa, an ancient take on the world-famous and well-loved pizza. With a thick, puffy, pillowy crust, pinsa is offered plain for approximately three Euros. Fancier toppings like Gorgonzola, pear, walnuts, and honey are available for a mere four Euros.



To get an exceptional deal on pasta, visitors must plan their mealtime carefully. During lunchtime between 1 pm and 2 pm only, Pastifico offers customers a choice between two featured pasta dishes, water, and house wine for only four Euros. This deal definitely draws a crowd; therefore, arriving slightly before 1 pm is advised. When the pasta is taken to go, water and wine are not included.

Kathmandu Fast Food

Budget-conscious travelers who need a break from pizza and pasta may affordably find one at Kathmandu Fast Food. Located in Esquilino, the no frills eatery serves up delicious portions of vegetables, rice, meat, and curry for around seven Euros.


Despite being in a faraway land, the urge for a good burger may still strike. At Hamburgeseria, customers may satisfy their burger hankerings with their choice of beef, tofu, and veggie burgers served with lettuce, tomato, and barbecue sauce for the budget-friendly price of seven Euros. Fries can be purchased separately for three Euros. Other menu offerings include a chicken quesadilla, salad, and hot wings for six Euros each.

Rome may be an expensive city; however, eating there does not necessarily have to be. By exploring various neighborhoods and being on the lookout for daily specials, vacationers can enjoy authentic local cuisine or even have a satisfying meal that is similar to foods from home all without breaking the bank.