Yayyyyy!!!! I am going to announce the winners of the contest of this week!!!

I know you all are waiting to see who the ‘Food of The Week’ is …

The competition was a fun & exciting event. Aha I know now you have much concern when you are cooking & photographing, because you have a contest in Food-Corner ….. 🙂

Ok,I will not waste time more for talking.

This is the winner!! Yehhhhh The Food of the Week!!!!

Congratulations Everyday Mom’s Meals!!You are the winner!!!!!

This is her submission of Caramal Apple Spice (copycat version for starbucks) 🙂
Now no need to go for starbucks.We can make it at home!!
Our 2nd place goes to….oh again Everyday Mom’s Meals!!
This is the picture of Pumpkin Fluff .Looks yummy!!
And 3rd place???? Yes again it goes to Everyday Mom’s Meals. What do you think? Seems she is becoming more popular, isn’t it?
This is her submission of Stuffed shells
And this is the 4th place winner. Sadaf’s Culinary Adventures won the 4th place.
This is her first ever participation to our contest. 
This is the winner picture.Check the recipe here

Our 5th place winner is Mia’s domain.
Once she won the Food of the Month contest.See the winner result for Month of July.
This is her submission of Cinnamon Apple Donut holes

And finally I want to thank you all for participation either by voting or by submitting pictures.

I value all of my fans in Food Corner .Thanks again and hope your participation in future events too.

And these all photos are qualifying to our month end competition .One of them can be ‘The Food of the Month’.
Have a nice weekend!!