Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste
Ginger garlic paste is an essential for cooking; most of the recipes including Sri Lankan recipes require ginger garlic paste, specially recipes like chicken curry. Until recent, I used to grind this when it is needed for a recipe. But it takes time to grind it frequently for each recipe and thought of preparing it in a large amount. However I still prepare it in a small quantity which is enough for 1-2 weeks.

How to make and store ginger garlic paste
Preparing ginger garlic paste is easy & simple. But need to add some oil & turmeric powder to keep it for few days in a fridge without spoiling. Thanks to all foodies who shared homemade ginger garlic paste recipes over internet!
Few tips to keep in mind:
-Use an air tight container to store the Ginger Garlic Paste.
-When use it, use a separate dry spoon for it.
-Donโ€™t add water as it will spoil the paste.
-Tightly close the lid after using as it has a strong flavor & can spread to other foods inside the fridge.

Ginger garlic paste recipe
Here is the recipe for Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste.
1 cup Garlic cloves
1 cup sliced Ginger
1 tspn oil
ยผ tspn turmeric powder
Remove skin of garlic & cut it into small pieces.
Remove the skin & slice ginger.
Blend/grind ginger, garlic,turmeric powder and oil together into a fine paste.
Ginger garlic paste is ready to use.
Store this in an air tight bottle.
Keep in a refrigerator.
This has a lifespan of 2-3 weeks inside a refrigerator or freeze it for more shelf life.
How to make ginger garlic paste at home

Do you make it at home or use store bought Ginger Garlic Paste? If make at home, are there any other tips to share with us?

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