Drinkable Fruit Salad

Ecuadorian Recipe
Drinkable Fruit Salad

This drinkable fruit salad is an Ecuadorian Recipe. Found that it is called as Come y bebe, which means ‘eat and drink’. I had some fruits available at home & thought of preparing this fruit salad. This is a very simple & easy recipe which can be served as a drink or as a dessert.

Ecuadorian Dessert Recipe

1 cup orange juice
1 cup of diced  papaya
1 cup diced banana
1 cup of diced mangoes
Sugar or honey to taste
Optional –Ice cream or whipped cream to serve on top
I used some sliced apples too due to its crunchy taste.
Ecuadorian Recipe

In a bowl, combine diced papaya, bananas and mangoes.
Mix orange juice with the fruit cubes.
Add sugar or honey if needed.
(I didn’t add any sweetener because I served this topped with some ice cream.)
Chill for about 30 minutes or serve immediately topped with some ice cream or whipped cream.
Hope you would enjoy this easy drinkable fruit salad!

Fruit Salad

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