Flower Garlends-Little India,Singapore

For me, Wet Markets and Hawker centres are some of the unique places in Singapore. They have their own culture and represent the rich cultural diversity of Singapore. Among the places to visit, Little India is one of the must visit places. It is a place bit different from other locations in Singapore. You will experience a crowded and bit noisy area but it is a good place to taste delicious Indian food.

Little India,Singapore
Usually we visit Little India at least once a month. This trip is mainly with the purpose of buying some Vegetables which we taste in Sri Lanka (we can find most of Sri Lankan Vegetables/fruits in Little India) and to taste an Indian lunch or dinner.
Until recent, we bought vegetables from the shops along the Buffalo Road which is next to Little India MRT.I don’t have a big list of vegetables to buy from there, as we only shop for Sri Lankan Vegetables which we cannot find at the place we live.
Little India,Singapore
The Tekka wet market is located in one side of Buffalo road and recently we visited that market. I was amazed by seen how many types of veggies we can find there. We could buy a good variety of vegetables and fresh fruits which we like to taste in Sri Lanka.
Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

After few visits to the Tekka Market, I thought of sharing a post about the place.
In this wet market, you can find all varieties of food from poultry, fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits and also spices. Even there is a stall selling fresh flowers and pots. 
Wet Market-Singapore

One side of the wet market consists of a hawker centre which sells Indian, Malay and Chinese food.

Here is what we are looking for in our visit to this market, Baby Jack fruit!(Polos) .Most Sri Lankans prefer to eat this in a curry (Polos Curry),it is same at my home too πŸ™‚
Other than that,these are nicely packed and ready to cook.
Polos-Baby Jack fruit-Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore
Once we found Baby jack fruit,our main purpose of visiting little India is fulfilled.Now we only need to buy some other vegetables like Banana Blossoms,Banana Peppers,

and some greens like Drumstick Leaves(Murunga),Gotukola (Centella asiatica),Kathuru Murunga(Sesbania grandiflora).
Gotukola-Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

Fresh Grated Coconut -Yes,we can buy fresh coconut here.It is fresh and tastes better than the packets we buy from Super Markets.Pol Sambola (a chutney with fresh coconut) is one of the favourites at our home.
I thought of sharing this photo of the machine which they use to grate coconut.Anyway,I couldn’t capture it correctly as the place was bit crowded! πŸ™‚

Below are some more photos of vegetables inside the market. Haha I played with my phone capturing some photos of this crowded wet market!
Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

Fresh okra and mix of lettuce leaves – We bought some lettuce and I used them in a Fresh Garden salad.
Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore
Baby jack fruit and Chinese White  Raddish are waiting for some one’s meal!
Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

Colourful red Tomatoes and ladies fingers (okra)

Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore
Limes and other vegetables!
Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

Tekka Wet Market-Little India,Singapore

After buying vegetables, we tasted some Indian food. It is not easy to select a place to eat as there are lots of Indian restaurants. Anyway during the weekends, almost all are crowded and even it is difficult to find a seat.
Little India,Singapore

We had some food from Komala Vilas,the outlet at  Buffalo Street.However I like the taste of food at their outlet at Serangoon Road.Though we visited that place,we couldn’t find a place to sit.So,had to come back to the outlet at Buffalo Road!

This time I tried a plate of Puri.The taste was good,specially the curries they served with Puri.

Puri set-Little India,Singapore

My husband ordered his all time favourite,Plain Dosei.This is similar to Sri lankanThose,but larger and crispier than Sri Lankan version.

Plain Dosei-Little India,Singapore

Tekka Wet Market
665 Buffalo Rd,
Singapore 210665

Hope you enjoyed this post.Would love to hear your ideas on wet markets or farmers markets!Please share them below as a comment.

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