The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

The Eagles’ Cafe, Weerawila-Sri Lanka

Situated in a calm and nice environment, opposite to the Weerawila air base, The Eagles’ Cafe is a newly opened restaurant managed by Air force Sri Lanka.

The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

We spent a holiday in Sri Lanka during last November and could visit Southern parts of the country. Katharagama is one of the places we visited during our road trip. On our way from Katharagama to Colombo, we stopped at Eagles’ Cafe to taste some tea while enjoying the calm and beautiful surrounding.

This newly opened restaurant shows its quality in both appearance and service. We were just after our lunch. Honestly, we stopped at this place because we wanted to wait few minutes to meet one of my cousins who drive from Colombo to Thissamaharamaya.

This place was an ideal meeting point for us and we had the opportunity to taste some Ceylon tea while having some Chinese rolls.

The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

Inside of the restaurant was spacious and I sat facing to the windows which I could enjoy a great view of nature.Even I could see some peacocks in my vicinity giving me the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka. Now I regret, I could not capture much photos of this place as we all were tired after visiting few places.

I cannot remember the taste or any special remark for Chinese rolls ( a kind of short eat which you should try in Sri Lanka).But truly those were fresh and we could eat without any complain.

The tea pot gave us the pleasure of a cup of Ceylon tea. While enjoying the vicinity of surrounding through the windows of the restaurant, I could sip 2 cups of Ceylon black tea. Of course I am a tea lover!

Tea @The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

Although we didn’t try, this high quality restaurant gives the opportunity of enjoying a wide variety of menus for their guests at reasonable prices. 

Tea@The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

Outside the restaurant was beautifully landscaped and there was an aircraft placed at a side of the restaurant building. 

The Eagles’ Cafe Weerawila-Sri Lanka

Seems it is a main attraction for  both kids and adults.I just captured few photos of it,but didn’t try to go near the aircraft. We were bit tired at that time.Instead I spent some time outside the restaurant which was beautiful,calm and relaxing.However, visitors can go inside the aircraft.

If you visit Katharagama, Yala and Bundala areas, this café will be an ideal place to refresh yourself. 

If you are a tourist & travel Sri Lanka for a holiday,Yala is one of the popular destinations because of the Yala National Park.

The few minutes we stayed at this place added some good memories to our trip. Definitely we’ll stop for lunch, if we visit Thissamaharamaya in future. Hopefully, in our next holiday.