Today Bento is with the theme –Happy Birthday. I started to prepare Bento after  inspired with Bento Blog Network’s weekly event. The theme for the next week is ‘Happy Birthday’ & this theme is special for me too. Reason is few days ago Food Corner Facebook page celebrated 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Food Corner!!!

Anyway in this Bento, I haven’t used any special food. They are everyday food. But I used silicone cupcake covers to pack food thinking they are birthday cupcakes.
These birthday food cupcakes include,
1) Egg chick – Hardboiled egg decorated with carrot eyes & beek, tomato hat & stay in a lettuce nest.
2) Few grapes
3) Plain white rice, cucumber slices & topped with a grape
4) Boiled chick peas topped with a grape.
5) Tooth picks inserted red cherry tomatoes to represent the balloons.

It didn’t take much time to prepare this. But I enjoyed it a lot.

I am happily sharing with following events.

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