I am a big fan of Chef Sanjay Thumma. Most of his recipes are always with a cooking demonstration/video. This is one of the main reasons for me to like his recipes. Because instructions are very clear. There is another reason. He is a very cheerful person & therefore his cooking videos are very live & attractive.
This Chicken korma recipe is adapted from a recipe of Chef Sanjay Thumma.

Chicken Korma is a delicious Indian chicken recipe which has roots to Mughlai cuisine. The flavour of a korma is based on a mixture of spices combined with yogurt & cooked in very low temperature.
Here is the recipe for Chicken Korma.
Ingredients (for 2-3 servings)
250g Chicken
1 tbsp Cashew or poppy seeds
2 nos Green chilies (sliced)
½ cup Grated coconut
2 tbspn cooking oil
Few coriander leaves (instead I used curry leaves)
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 tspn Corriander powder
1 tspn cumin seed powder
1 cup curd/yogurt
1 medium sized onion, sliced
1 tbspn ginger garlic paste
1 tbspn pepper powder
¼ tspn turmeric
1 sprig curry leaves
Salt to taste
Clean & cut chicken into pieces. Set aside.
Grind coconut with cashew nuts or poppy seeds into a thin paste & keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan.
When oil is hot, add mustard & cumin seeds.
Then add onions & fry until golden brown.
When onions are tender, add ginger garlic paste.
Same time add sprig of curry leaves & sliced green chili.
Mix well & add coconut and cashew or poppy seed paste.
Allow to cook few seconds.
Then add curd/yogurt, cumin powder & coriander powder.
Instead of cumin powder & coriander powder, I used un-roasted Sri Lankan curry powder. It was fine.
Now add chicken pieces & mix well. Add pepper powder.
Cover with a lid & cook about 15-20 minutes in very low heat.
Once chicken is cooked well adjust salt to taste.
Finally add chopped coriander leaves & mix well. However I used chopped curry leaves.
Serve hot with rice or any roti.
This dish was really delicious.  Please check here for the Chicken Korma recipe of Chef Sanjay.