Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich
Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich

I am a big fan of sandwiches .It is the easiest meal when it comes to think of breakfast or lunch box ideas. Though I have tried a lot of sandwiches recipes, I haven’t shared them on this blog before. The reason is, when it is a busy morning, I am unable to spend time on a photograph. Sometimes fresh vegetables or a salad is a great filling for a sandwich. So I wanted to try a cucumber sandwich because I love to eat raw cucumber.

Easy Sandwiches Recipe-Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich

With cucumber, I used tomato, onion rings and other ingredients to mix and match the taste. Finally I used thousand island and that completed the fulfill taste of this cucumber and tomato sandwich.
Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich-Sandwiches idea
Here is my version of Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich. Try it and let me know how it is.
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Cucumbers
Bread Slices
Onion rings
Green chili/bell pepper (optional)
Lettuce –few leaves
salt and pepper
Favourite salad cream (I used thousand island)
Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich recipe

Spread butter on bread slices and slightly toast over a heated pan.
Layer a bread slice with lettuce.
Layer tomatoes and cucumbers on top of lettuce.
Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
Top with onion rings and bell peppers/green chili
Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich
Add thousand island or any salad cream on top.
Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich
Cover the sandwich with the other bread slice.
Cut into halves or serve as it is.
Sandwiches Recipes-Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich

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