Words cannot express how happy we are to be blessed with our baby son.We are blessed with our baby son on October 04th,2013.I had a nice experience with my delivery,and it was not so painful.(I was on epidural 🙂 ) Now he is 1 month old and I am back to the blog.

During the hospital stay,I could capture some of the memories.Here are some of the gifts from friends.
We received a Candle Light Dinner from the hospital.I stayed at NUH Singapore and this simple candle light dinner made us happy.

In Sri Lanka,we don’t celebrate full month of a baby.But it is celebrated in Singapore.So,we thought we need to have a simple celebration.I feel we are now back to a normal life after struggling with the sudden changes of life.Sleepless nights were the big issue.But after a month,we are able to handle with it 🙂
Here is a picture of baby’s 1 month celebration cake.Angry birds cake is just to share our love with our little Angry Bird,specially during nights….

Thank you for visiting and commenting on the blog posts during the last month.Those made my day and happy to read those during busy hours with the baby.(I’ve scheduled some posts).
I hope to share some new recipes time to time whenever I am free.
Hope to see you all back with Food Corner!
Have a Nice Day!!